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Friday, January 8, 2010

Titanium Plate HHO Generators - Designs, Concepts and Proper Application

Hey, Dave here.

Ok everyone, here's the deal. Although there is still some testing to be done with the latest concept of using MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) Titanium Substrate in an HHO Generator, in this post I am going to provide you all with as much up-to-date information as possible about the current methods being used for building a proper MMO titanium hydrogen generator.

I am taking the time to do this by my own free will, and I don't have much information resources to work with right now, so if I happen to post something incorrect or if my nomenclature happens to be incorrect, feel free to politely and properly correct my mistakes. I am by no means a physics guru or scientist of any sort, however I do try to be as thorough and accurate as possible while gathering and posting the information that I share with everyone concerning this amazing technology. So here we go!

Information To Build An MMO Titanium Plate HHO Generator

Whats so special about Titanium?

These new Titanium Substrate HHO Cells produce a more pure form of HHO gas. Also, unlike Stainless Steel, Titanium will not leach hexavalent chromium during electrolysis, which has been a major concern for HHO enthusiasts from the beginning. Here's a quote from EletrikRide about the superiority of Titanium HHO Generators over Stainless Steel:

"Chromium ions in the HHO gas of Stainless Steel act to accelerate the decay of orthohydrogen to parahydrogen. Orthohydrogen is 4x more reactive than parahydrogen. Titanium cells make no chromium ions or other ions. That is why the HHO gas from a Titanium Cell is more reactive."

Most of the information here is sourced from Smack's videos (EletrikRide) on YouTube and his website SmacksBoosters.110mb.com. So basically, this is a short, written version of what he has posted so far about his Titanium Substrate HHO Cell, which does work and it works very well. I'm not trying to kiss anyone's butt here, but the guy knows what he's doing. He has an overall goal in mind which I totally agree with,  Gensets in every vehicle.

Personally, I interpret his Genset idea as; An Electric Hybrid Vehicle with an HHO Boosted / Gasoline (or E85 Ethanol ) Fueled Generator to charge the battery bank, possibly using the new lead acid batteries that hold 4x more charge... but I think he also intends to apply other means as well to create a "Super Hybrid" vehicle with insane MPG, and hopefully, with good acceleration and top speed.

Titanium HHO Cell - Plates

By now you should know that the Cathode is the negative on an HHO cell, and the Anode is the positive. On a Titanium HHO Cell, the Cathode CANNOT be MMO coated! The cathode must remain bare titanium only, the coating will come off during electrolysis. Only the anode requires MMO Titanium Substrate material. This is the reason why people have experienced problems with their MMO Titanium HHO Cells having a very short life span.

At this time I am not exactly sure which is the best company to order your MMO Ti plates. I will ask EletrikRide and post that information on this blog when available.

Titanium HHO Cell - Electrolyte Mixture - KOH

Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) is the proper electrolyte to be used in an MMO Titanium Substrate HHO Cell. Potassium Hydroxide is used because it works the best with MMO coated titanium plates.

HHO Production and Technical Data - ( Smacktanium 7 Plate Series Cell Design )

In this section I just wanted to quickly throw down some of the performance data I gathered about the "Smacktanium" 7 PlateTitanium HHO Series Cell Design.

# Plates - 7
Plate Configuration - positive, neutral, neutral, neutral, neutral, neutral, negative

Plate Voltage - 3.5v DC per plate

Plate Spacing - 3/8 inch

Gasket Material - Neoprene

Avg. Amperage Draw - 0.5 amps per sq. inch ( avg. +/-12 amps total for Smactanium)

Avg. Operating Temperature =  +/- 120 Deg. F

Electrolyte To Water Ratio - 1/4 cup KOH per 2 Quarts of Distilled Water

Electrolyte PH - 3.5

HHO Gas Production MMW (Millimeters per Minute per Watt) - avg of about 3.5 MMW
NOTE: Keep in mind that Titanium Cell HHO Gas is about 2x more powerful than Stainless Steel Cell HHO Gas, because of the purity. So a Titanium HHO Cell at 3.5 MMW can be likened to a Stainless Steel HHO Cell at 7 MMW.

Does A Titanium HHO Cell Require A PWM And/Or EFIE? 

At the moment I cannot provide any cold hard data about whether or not you should use an EFIE with your Titanium HHO Cell, but I can you that a PWM is not as necessary with this type of material, due to the fact that a properly constructed (Isolated Water Flowing Configuration) and operated Titanium HHO Cell does not overheat! How cool is that? At 12 Amps DC, the water temperature will rise to about 120 degrees F, and then it will just kinda level off steady from there, even after hours of continuous operation.

Summary and Conclusions

Once again, I apologize that I cannot provide any step-by-step instructions to build a unit of this type. This is all the information I could gather at this time, so take it as is, and by all means head over to Smacks YouTube channel (EletrikRide) and ask him for further details. He is an open-source engineer and very willing to provide everyone with information about building Titanium Substrate HHO Generators. He is currently preparing to manufacture his new Titanium Substrate Series Cell Design for anyone who does not want to or cannot understand how to build their own.


Smack is currently raising money to get EPA certification for his Titanium HHO Cell Design. Many people (mainly oil-company agents) have been threatening him in attempt to thwart his research and his sharing open source information of his experiments and cell designs. Remember that practically every HHO researcher is nothing more than a backyard mechanic, using what little funding and equipment they have available to make progress with HHO Technology.

So if you can spare an extra $5.00 or whatever, please take a moment to stop by his site and do the world and everyone in it a favor by donating to get his new design EPA certified so that everyone can enjoy this technology without government intervention.

Check his website at www.SmacksBoosters.110mb.com/smacktanium.html  to make a donation and read more information about his latest breakthrough in HHO cell design.

MMO Titanium HHO Series Cell - Videos

Below are EletrikRide's YouTube videos where he explains the specifics of his 7 Plate MMO Titanium Substrate, Circulating Series Cell, Dry Cell HHO Generator. (phew!)

(I apologize I could not get the videos to arrange properly.)

At this time, these videos are probably the only videos that contain open source information about this new leap in HHO Technology, and that provides you with actual technical data for a properly constructed MMO Titanium Substrate HHO Fuel Cell.

Information Links + Resources

1. Smacks Boosters - Titanium Substrate Series Cell Design

2. Titanium - HHOINFO - The International Open Source HHO / HOD Builders Network

3. Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Coating on Titanium

4. Titanium Substrate vs. Stainless Steel - HHO Forums

5. Buy Titanium MMO Anodes - Order Titanium Mixed Metal Oxide Plates

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Proof That HHO Really Works - Skeptic Eric Kreig Does Fuel Mileage Test

It's finally here folks! The moment we've all been waiting for. Video proof of an actual unbiased MPG test performed by HHO skeptic Eric Krieg, using the scientific method, proving beyond doubt that an HHO System can improve a vehicles gas mileage by more than 15%.

The crew over at www.SafeHHO.com have accepted and dominated the challenge issued by long time HHO skeptic Eric Kreig. The challenge was for any company to step forward, who believed their HHO System could significantly boost a vehicle's MPG during an unbiased test, performed by a skeptic using the scientific method.

These "challenges" started about 4 months ago when many skeptics of HHO launched a series of attacks on YouTube users who have been posting videos of their installed HHO Kits, mainly targeting long time HHO researchers such as ZeroFossilFuel, SmartScareCrow, The "Smack" and a few others who maintain updated channels on their research and progress with HHO technology as a vehicle MPG boosting system.

Here's a bit of information I found posted on the www.SafeHHO.com website about their system:

"The staff at Hydrogen Assist Development has dedicated its resources towards developing a product that stands out from everyone else in the world. We are the only company to offer a product line that is comprised of High Surface coated plates on a pure titanium substrate. This revolutionary plate design allows for a unit that is comprised of only 3 plates."

So now it appears that stainless steel plates have become old news as researchers of HHO Technology drive on to push the envelope even further with an amazing breakthrough in such a wonderful and exciting technology.

In the mean time, HHO skeptics begin the arduous process of "eating crow", and with some of them, their own hateful words.

They know who they are...

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Video Proof - HHO Gas Mileage Increase - MPG Test

The following videos show an HHO Generator being tested on a gasoline engine home generator. The first video shows the Genset running on regular gasoline without any HHO injection at all. The HHO Generator is plugged directly into the Genset during the first test, but the hydroxy gas is being vented into atmosphere instead of being directed into the engine's carburetor.

The second video shows the Genset running while the HHO gas is injected directly into the engine's carburetor. Again, the HHO Generator is plugged directly into the gasoline generator during test #2. The final result is an increase of over 20% better gas mileage with Hydroxy gas.

Here is VIDEO PROOF that validates claims about HHO as a viable fuel.

HHO Generator Proof - Video #1

Test #1: HHO Gas is NOT injected - 1400W load ( HHO Generator turned on )

Results: 200ml gasoline in 6.53min = 30.61ml/min

HHO Generator Proof - Video #2

Test #2: 5.6 LPM of HHO gas - 1400W load ( HHO Generator turned on )

Results: 200ml gasoline in 8.18 min = 24.44 ml/min.

That is a 20.2% reduction in gasoline consumption.

This proves without a doubt that HHO can significantly improve gas mileage in an Internal Combusion Engine. Most users report an average of 20% to a high of about 130% with HHO injection, and numerous testing has revealed that hydroxy gas can reduce hydrocarbon emissions by as much as 20% or more in modern vehicle engines.

Recently many HHO enthusiasts have decided that it would be most efficient to use HHO gas as a Hybrid Fuel along side electric vehicle engines. When HHO gas is used in an engine that runs at a constant RPM the Genset motor can be adjusted to maximum fuel efficiency to provide clean energy to recharge the Hybrid vehicle battery system.

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