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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hybrid Water Power Review - Is "Hybrid Water Power" A Scam?

The following questions has crossed the minds of many people looking to save gas; "Is the Hybrid Water Power System a scam?" or better yet... "Does Hybrid Water Power even work?"

If your looking for the truth then your in luck because I've already purchased and tested the Hybrid Water Power system in my 2007 Nissan Xterra and now I'm here to share my personal review of the "HybridWaterPower" system.

Just so you know, I've literally bought every set of HHO Plans on the market, and so far only one of them actually worked (although I still had to do more research to make it work right) . When I first heard about Hybrid Water Power I was a little excited to see if this new HHO system could provide the fuel economy benefits that thousands of people are desperately looking for.

Before we get started with my review of the Hybrid Water Power system, lets talk a little about what it takes for any set of HHO plans to qualify as a practical "water hybrid" conversion guide, as there are certian fundamentals required to properly use HHO Technology in your vehicle.

A Good Set of HHO Plans MUST Contain:

1. An efficient HHO electrolyzer design - less than 30 amps per 2 litres of HHO per minute. If your HHO cell performs worse than this you've got a recipe for disaster.

2. Instructions for Proper Installation - there's a right way and a wrong way to install an HHO system in your vehicle. You can't just hook it up to your engine and go riding along, there is a proper method for boosting your vehicle with Hydroxy Gas (HHO).

3. Instructions for dealing with the Vehicle Computer (ECU) - practically every modern vehicle has an onboard computer system. Using HHO can cause the vehicle "O2 sensors" to register an excessive amount of oxygen in the exhaust, which makes your car's computer think that not enough gas is being used. A good set of HHO plans should contain at least TWO methods for dealing with the vehicle on-board computer system.

4. Instructions for Proper Electrolyte Mixture - everybody knows that Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide are the BEST electrolyte to use in your HHO electrolyzer. DO NOT USE BAKING SODA!! Baking soda works...but it also releases toxic gas into the atmosphere and may damage your vehicle's engine.

5. Instructions for Maintenance and Troubleshooting - sometimes your HHO cell may get too hot, blow a fuse, or require a proper "flushing" of the electrolyte mix. Hydrogen Generators require maintenance and you need to learn how to keep an eye out for excessave amperage draw or malfunctions within your HHO system.

My Review of the Hybrid Water Power System:

So I purchased the Hybrid Water Power "HHO guide" and later tested it in my 2007 Nissan Xterra. At first I was a little apprehensive, but after I downloaded the ebook and took a look inside I was actually impressed with the quality of the DIY instructions put together by Bob Volk and his staff over at the Hybrid Water Power website.

Besides providing you with a highly detailed 154 page ebook, Hybrid Water Power also gives you unlimited access to over 105 private videos to help you build the best HHO system for your vehicle. You also get plans to build the EFIE device to deal with your vehicle computer, 100% water car plans, Joe Cell plans, ebooks about other fuel savers and IRS Tax Forms which can be used to write off the cost of your HHO system. In my opinion, "Hybrid Water Power" is by far the BEST set of HHO generator plans available on the market today.

Hybrid Water Power - MPG Test Results

So I tested the Hybrid Water Power system in my 2007 Nissan Xterra. It only took me around 4 hours to build the device, and another 30 minutes to install it. I found everything needed to build the device at my local hardware store. The parts were fairly cheap at around $75 total.

The HybridWaterPower HHO cell worked very well, increasing fuel mileage by almost 60% over the two weeks following the installation. Specifically my gas mileage improved from 21 MPG to 33 MPG. At current gas prices I am now saving over $900 per year with my new HHO system. I can and will tell you this: It works!

Hybrid Water Power - HHO Cell Design:

The Hybrid Water Power HHO cell design is far more impressive than any other hydrogen generator cell I've seen thus far. Not only is the Hybrid Water Power system more efficient than others, but it's also the safest Hydrogen Kit that the average person can build at home. If your an HHO enthusiast then you know that when it comes to producing HHO gas, the goal is to use less amps while producing more hydroxy gas. Bob Volk solved the problem of overheating with his new HHO cell by first; using PVC for the electrolyzer housing and second; using a cell plate stack that allowed for less heat transfer due to current leakage, which resulted in more HHO production.

Hybrid Water Power - Customer Support System:

Hybrid Water Power is well known for their excellent customer support system. They always have someone on standby to answer your questions, and they also maintain a customer support forum where you can get advice from other users of the HybridWaterPower HHO system. I even sent an email to test their support system and received a response back the next day. Hybrid Water Power also offers a solid 60-day money back guarantee.

Hybrid Water Power - Summary and Conclusions

Overall, Hybrid Water Power is a great system... the best out of the 14 HHO product that I've tested so far and I highly recommend it. Don't get me wrong, other HHO conversion guides will work... although if your looking to convert your vehicle and start saving gas immediatly then the HybridWaterPower system is certianly the one to go for.

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