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Friday, July 31, 2009

Find Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why you should cultivate the habit of watching your gas mileage all the time.

Among the reasons to watch your gas mileage are:

  1. Create a true baseline of your car's fuel efficiency.
  2. Recognize immediately when something goes wrong.
  3. Get a true test of the effectiveness of gas-saving gadgets and techniques.
  4. Improve your driving skills.

Create a Baseline

You know your car was rated at so many miles per gallon when you bought it, but is it really getting that mileage? Remember that thing about "your actual mileage may vary"?

In order to know what kind of fuel efficiency you're actually getting, you're going to have to measure it yourself.

Unfortunately, the very act of measuring your fuel economy might "change" it. Its kind of like a classroom full of children: When they know the teacher's watching, they behave better. Similarly, when you know your gas mileage is being measured, you might step a little lighter on the accelerator.

The only way to get a true measurement of your gas mileage is to measure it all the time. If you make a habit of writing down every gallon of gas you buy, sooner or later, you will revert to your real driving habits - the way you drive when the teacher isn't looking - and you will find out what's really going on.

Recognize a Problem

Your car's gas mileage is a good indicator of its overall performance. When something is beginning to go wrong, it will start robbing you of power - and gas - before you really notice serious performance problems.

If you're in the habit of tracking your gas mileage all the time, you will see immediately when your car needs attention. Is it time for a tune-up? How's the tire pressure? Does your transmission need some adjustment? These and many other things can make your car start burning more gas than it should.

If your gas mileage suddenly drops from 33 mpg to 30 mpg and stays there, you might not notice it for weeks or months. How much does that extra 3 mpg cost you over half a year? It adds up, and if you're not watching, it adds up stealthily and robs you blind.

But if you're keeping track of your gas mileage all the time, you will know about subtle problems like this right away. Then you can take corrective action before the money starts leaking out of your budget.

True Test of Improvements

If you're planning to install some new gadget or use some new fuel additive to get better gas mileage, how will you know it really works? The same question applies if you've heard about some new trick or technique to get better fuel economy.

The only way to know is to have a good baseline to start with, and to get a good, accurate measurement of your fuel economy after you make the change.

There is something that might be called a "placebo effect" in gas mileage improvements. You get better gas mileage after you install the new widget because you want to get better gas mileage. You start using some snake-oil fuel additive, and you drive a little slower, even without realizing it, and so you get better gas mileage with snake oil.

The only way to know whether that new widget really works is to get a true, long-term measure of your gas mileage. And, as described earlier, the only way to do that is to keep up the habit of measuring your gas mileage all the time, even when "the teacher isn't looking."

Improve Your Skills

Once you're in the habit of measuring your gas mileage constantly, you can use that information to keep tabs on your driving habits. Yes, "the teacher is watching." You know how to drive for maximum fuel efficiency, but are you really doing it?

Monitoring your car's gas mileage all the time will let you know, not only how your car is performing, but how you are performing as a driver.

Don't just think you're driving for maximum efficiency - know it!

And don't try to fool yourself into believing that you're an efficient driver. Your ongoing fuel economy records will show the cold, hard truth. "The teacher is always watching."


This article told you four good reasons why you should measure your car's gas mileage all the time. It assumes that you already know how to get a good ongoing MPG measurement, but that is the subject of other articles.

Measure your gas mileage all the time. This will let you know what your real MPG is, whether your car is performing at its maximum efficiency or if something needs fixing, what effect that latest gizmo or additive is really having on your gas mileage, and whether you really are as fuel-conscious a driver as you think you are.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/automotive-articles/four-reasons-to-keep-track-of-your-gas-mileage-793461.html

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Build Your own HHO Kit

Hydrogen Conversion Kits effectively turn your vehicle into a Hydrogen Hybrid by producing and injecting Oxy-Hydrogen gas into your engine's Air Intake System. HHO Generators use very little electricity from your car battery to split the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. This gas, also called Hydroxy Gas or "HHO" is used as a supplemental fuel or "Fuel Enhancement" to be used with your regular vehicle fuel. HHO gas burns 3x faster than gasoline or diesel fuel. The increased flame speed causes gasoline and diesel fuel to ignite faster and burn more completely in the engine, giving you better gas mileage.

Benefits of HHO Injection Include:

- 20% to 130% Better Gas Mileage
- Increased Vehicle Torque
- Cleaner Pistons and Valves
- Faster Acceleration
- Reduced Hydro-carbon Emissions
- Works with Gasoline, Diesel, Bio diesel, Flex-Fuel and Liquid Propane Gas engines.
- Works with Carbureted and Fuel Injected Engines.
- IRS Tax Credits by Law for installing an Alternative Energy Device in your vehicle.

Build Your Own HHO Kit - Click Here!

Hydrogen generators are safe and easy to build and install. This gas saver will NOT void your vehicle warranty,it's an add-on that can be easily removed. The effect is not only less noise, it's also less vibration, resulting in reduced strain on the transmission (thus smoother gear shifts), increased engine lifespan, and overall better engine operation.

Get the latest fuel saver reviews at Fuel Savers Paradise where you can see other top rated fuel savers for gasoline and diesel vehicles.

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Alternative Fuel - Hydrogen Powered Cars

In many ways, hydrogen is the ideal fuel. It can deliver lots of energy when it burns, and its clean. Burn hydrogen and you get water instead of the gunk that comes out of a car's tailpipe. It would be great to run cars on hydrogen. But there are problems. Storing large quantities of hydrogen can be hard, and the stuff can be volatile in an accident - remember the Hindenberg? Even so, there is a safe way to use hydrogen to power cars today. And it works with most of the cars on the road right now.

The key to building a hydrogen powered car today is to create a hydrogen-gasoline hybrid. Instead of getting all the car's power from hydrogen, you burn a bit of hydrogen with the gasoline to increase the car's fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of pollution created. It isn't a completely hydrogen powered car, but a system like this is surely a great first step toward increasing your gas mileage (thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels), protecting the environment, and saving some serious money on gasoline costs. We'll talk more about these benefits in a minute, but first, let's talk about where we're going to get the hydrogen to do all this.

Where Does the Hydrogen Come From?

We already talked about how hydrogen can be difficult to store and explosive under the wrong circumstances. So to make hydrogen powered cars practical, we need a way to store hydrogen that's safe and efficient for use in cars. Scientists are working on various proposals like hydrogen fuel cells and special tanks made with nano materials that can safely and compactly store masses of hydrogen. But there is another way.

Hydrogen is stored all around us in vast quantities. There is even a mass of it inside our bodies. It's locked up in water. Every molecule of water consists of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. In the form of water, hydrogen is easy to store and certainly won't explode in an accident. All we need is a way to get the hydrogen out of the water when we need it. To do that, we use electrolysis.

Electrolysis uses electricity to break down water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It's a common, well-understood process that you probably experimented with in high school science class. Now using electrolysis to generate enough hydrogen to provide all the power for a car as it is needed isn't practical. But generating a smaller amount of hydrogen that can be mixed with the gasoline to improve a car's performance is possible. As a matter of fact, you can buy a kit to convert your own family sedan into a hydrogen powered car today.

Now that we know how this is possible, let's get back to the benefits of actually making this modification.

The Benefits of A Hydrogen Powered Car

There are three main benefits to a hydrogen powered car (aside from the coolness of it all). Once again, they are:

* Greater fuel efficiency
* Cleaner exhaust
* Reduced costs for fuel

Greater fuel efficiency comes from burning the hydrogen along with the gasoline. Reports claim as much as a 40% increase. Imagine getting 40% more miles per gallon from your car!

Because the hydrogen burns so cleanly while increasing the car's mileage, a hydrogen powered car pollutes less. While this issue isn't in the front of everyone's minds in this time of high gas prices, less pollution is always a good idea.

Finally, with gas prices hitting record highs and predictions of new records to come, the significantly increased mileage of a hydrogen powered car means big savings on fuel costs.

With gas prices skyrocketing and thousands of hydrogen-gasoline conversions on the worlds roads, isn't it time for you to start thinking about turning your automobile into a hydrogen powered car?

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/cars-articles/hydrogen-powered-cars-for-today-370870.html

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