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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Proof That HHO Really Works - Skeptic Eric Kreig Does Fuel Mileage Test

It's finally here folks! The moment we've all been waiting for. Video proof of an actual unbiased MPG test performed by HHO skeptic Eric Krieg, using the scientific method, proving beyond doubt that an HHO System can improve a vehicles gas mileage by more than 15%.

The crew over at www.SafeHHO.com have accepted and dominated the challenge issued by long time HHO skeptic Eric Kreig. The challenge was for any company to step forward, who believed their HHO System could significantly boost a vehicle's MPG during an unbiased test, performed by a skeptic using the scientific method.

These "challenges" started about 4 months ago when many skeptics of HHO launched a series of attacks on YouTube users who have been posting videos of their installed HHO Kits, mainly targeting long time HHO researchers such as ZeroFossilFuel, SmartScareCrow, The "Smack" and a few others who maintain updated channels on their research and progress with HHO technology as a vehicle MPG boosting system.

Here's a bit of information I found posted on the www.SafeHHO.com website about their system:

"The staff at Hydrogen Assist Development has dedicated its resources towards developing a product that stands out from everyone else in the world. We are the only company to offer a product line that is comprised of High Surface coated plates on a pure titanium substrate. This revolutionary plate design allows for a unit that is comprised of only 3 plates."

So now it appears that stainless steel plates have become old news as researchers of HHO Technology drive on to push the envelope even further with an amazing breakthrough in such a wonderful and exciting technology.

In the mean time, HHO skeptics begin the arduous process of "eating crow", and with some of them, their own hateful words.

They know who they are...

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